Taking a Close Look at Patrick Shin

Anyone who has looked into the world of construction has probably heard of Nan Inc., which is one of the leading construction companies in Hawaii. It is known for achieving an immense amount of success in a relatively short amount of time, even though it had a really humble beginning. But, what exactly does this beginning entail? You will understand this when you take a look at Patrick Shin, the man behind the company. He was originally Nan Chul Shin when he lived in South Korea and the name change occurred when he shifted to the United States.

As he wanted to adjust to the new culture, he decided to change his name. In the initial years, he lived with his siblings in a one-bedroom apartment and was only able to get his majors in business administration because he got a football scholarship to Bowling Green State University. After graduation, he spent the next two years working as a laborer at a construction firm in Hawaii and this prompted him to set up his own company. When he started Nan Inc. in 1990, he didn’t have much and only had one laborer to help him handle the jobs.

Obviously, the new company had had to deal with its fair share of struggles. The first job that Patrick Shin did was the installation of a road sign, but he wasn’t discouraged. His determination and dedication paid off eventually, as Nan Inc. is now a success story. But, Patrick Shin hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He is known in Hawaii, not just because of his construction business, but also as a philanthropist. The gift to health center by Nan Inc. owner and funding of scholarship programs are all part of who the man is. Even though his company has reached a pinnacle of success, Patrick Shin continues to help the people.

When he had started Nan Inc., it had been with the aim of contributing towards Hawaii’s bright future and this is exactly what he does with his charities and donations. His company has also taken on numerous projects that can contribute to the improvement of the overall community and they do their job with the utmost professionalism to ensure that people can enjoy the facilities for a long time to come. His company also sponsors various events and helps in fundraising for different purposes, since this can go a long way in helping people.

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