Some Pros and Cons to Consider when Choosing Top Trends for Kitchen Renovation

Nowadays, kitchens are well planned out than the old times, with Vima Design kitchen renovation focusing on offering conveniences and style you never imagined before. Now, you may have seen these modern kitchen trends on TV or social media, but consider a few factors before you integrate them in your kitchen. Here are some pros and cons to consider. 

Open shelving or cabinets?

Pros: open shelving is common for showcasing your dishware and are less costly than traditional cabinets. 

Cons: if you have randomly paced coffee mugs, they will not look good in the open shelving. Also, the dishes will catch dust and grease and will call for a rinse off every time you use them. 

Open concept kitchen 

Pros: this very concept lets you get busy with your guest while you are indulged in cooking, instead of being isolated in the kitchen while everyone is having a good time outside. It encourages a very family friendly environment.

Cons: imagine watching TV while someone is cooking in the kitchen or maybe washing the dishes. The surroundings may get very, very noisy. If you hate the background noise, then you should not opt for open concept kitchen. Apart from this, the odors emitting from the cooking are not restricted to one room and may end up stuck in your cloth furniture as well, no matter how well you use the exhaust hood.

Farmhouse sinks

Pros: they look beautiful and give you a deep basin to work on that comes in handy when scrubbing huge pots or thawing a turkey. And as they are mounted under the counter, they can also be cleaned very easily, with no crumbs and gunk getting accumulated around the rim.

Cons: the single basin sinks can cause an issue when you are washing dishes as you get no separate area to rinse them. You can buy a separate basin to address this issue but this can get ugly. Fortunately, you can use a double basin farmhouse sink now. They are a bit expensive than the traditional ones.

Pot filler

Pros: they bear a faucet right at your stove so that you can fill huge pots without lugging them over the sink. They quick fill the teapots too, 

Cons: they are costly to install. You may have to run plumbing on your stove and it can cost you more as well. A dripping faucet means more repairs and it will ruin your stove as well.