Tips on Choosing Marble Kitchen Countertops

Here are some more tips on what to consider when you are looking at marble kitchen countertops Egg Harbor Township NJ or any location.

Think about the edges of the countertop

There are a lot of options when it comes to edging marble countertops thanks in part to changes in modern milling machines. You need to keep in mind though that with a stone like marble it is possible for chipping to occur so rather than using a 90-degree angle it might be better to choose to use some form of curved edging. If you want you can use the edging to make the stone actually look thicker too.

Learn about what the difference is between fissures and cracks

Essentially fissures are fine and nothing to be worried about and cracks are not something you want at all. Cracks are an indication the marble was mishandled, dropped or some such thing. A fissure however is a crack that has developed naturally in the stone. Usually with a fissure, you can run your nail across it and there is no tearing or catching. Some people are happy to accept fissures in their countertops, they are a more natural and rustic look and add character, and they do not change the marble’s integrity at all. On the other hand, you do not want to accept marble kitchen countertops Bayville with cracks.

Discover where the marble comes from

You can get marble from all kinds of places though there are some that are especially in high demand because of the quality. Places like Carrara, Italy is where Calcatta marble comes from, for example, Statuario marble is also from Italy, and they are expensive and popular. Some less scrupulous suppliers might claim their white marble is from one of the places that is in high demand so they can charge higher prices. Be sure to check where the marble for your kitchen countertops Brick Township NJ really comes from.

Properly look after the marble

Keep in mind when you are choosing marble you have to accept pros and cons that come with that stone. While it is stunning and a great addition to any kitchen, it needs to be properly finished with a sealer so that it can handle kitchen life, and last for longer. Acids cause etching on the marble’s surface, and things can stain, and dents are possible otherwise. The handy thing about marble though is while a red wine spill might cause etching, it is possible to use something like a kitchen scouring pad or sandpaper to remove it though how you approach that removal depends on the finish you have chosen for the kitchen countertops, Egg Harbor Township, NJ.


When it comes to kitchen countertops there is a lot to think about when it comes to the material you want to use. Marble is super popular because love its timeless quality and beauty but you will need to have some extra care for it, especially in a kitchen that sees a lot of traffic and use.