Mid Century Inspired Kitchens To Give Your Home A Timeless Look 

There’s a reason why the midcentury kitchen interiors are called timeless. Because of the effortless look, they give your kitchen an incredible endurance level. Most kitchens are mid-century-inspired. 

Even though mid-century kitchen designs were introduced in the 1940s, throughout the years, it has traveled to several parts of the world and now have become one of the most popular kitchen designs. 

Mid-century kitchen designs have become so popular because of their flexibility to blend with modern designs and give your kitchen the perfect combination of a classic yet trendy look. The contemporary designers at Design Cuisines Rosemere have expertise in designing and renovating your kitchen into a mid-century modern design giving you and your family the ultimate cooking and dining experience in your house. 

Mid-century-inspired kitchens give your home a timeless look. 


  • Mixed paneling 


Complete wood paneling is one of the signature styles in a mid-century kitchen. However, if you want to add a modern touch, you can try different panel combinations in your kitchen to give a befitting look. 

While most people like their kitchen space to be a combination of the classics and modern interiors, others prefer to preserve the history of their home. In that case, you can opt for a complete mid-century loo without fitting any modern elements into it. For those who love maintaining a balance, you can add features like kitchen counters, lights, kitchen island, etc., to neutralize the vintage effect in your mid-century-inspired kitchen.


  • Elementary upper cabinets 


If you are renovating your kitchen, consider eliminating the old upper cabinets or not adding new ones to the current theme. A mid-century modern design does not go well with upper cabinets. 

So to achieve that perfect streamlined look, skip the upper cabinets. If you are facing an issue with storage, you can always add a kitchen island with bottom cabinets to solve the storage issue. 


  • Play around with the furniture 


The best part about a modern mid-century kitchen is you have many options. If you want to give your kitchen a poise and classic look, you can implement some vintage and intricate furniture like chairs, tables; cabinet handles, etc. However, if you want to add a fun element to your kitchen, you can go for contemporary island elements like vibrant color chairs, matching counters, etc. 


  • Stick to a tight palette


When driving your kitchen in a mid-century modern style, you must stick to a warm shade palette to maintain the theme. For example, if you have black countertops, you can add a stone backsplash to complement the kitchen counters. Ensure to install furniture and elements that compliment each other with their colors and maintain the aesthetics