Why do ants cause problems in our homes?

Ants are social creatures of the insect kingdom and, like the essential insects of humankind, must survive by working together in cooperative communities or bands to survive. They share food, mates, and other aspects of their lives by traveling in flocks or traveling from one community to another searching for food. Ants’ birth and death processes are also part of how they live because each ant has a particular role to play.

In the history of our planet, ants have played a vital role in the evolution of living things and the study of living things in the world today.

These organisms first emerged on Earth as small insects that fed off of decomposing materials in nature. Evidence of ant nests, hillocks (also known as anthill cheese), and worker ants have been found in sedimentary rock formations. The fossilized remains of leafcutter ants dating back to the early Cretaceous period have also yielded fossils that were later discovered to be the precursors of modern-day ants. Their origin is traced back to the Paleocene era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and several of them may have been able to fly.

After there were dinosaurs, however, dinosaurs became extinct, and their remains were scattered across the globe. Some of these remains have been discovered to contain ant colonies constructed differently but used the same nest for reproduction.

Ants eventually occupied various environments, including trees, rocks, stumps, bark, grassy areas, under bridges and fences, in mines and quarries, and artificial “huts” or settlements built with sticks as walls. The most common of these was the termite nest, which can be seen in structures like houses, farms, cattle sheds, barns, and industrial buildings worldwide. By the time of the nineteenth century, there had been a great deal of study done on ants and their behavior, which had been helpful in the development of better ant control methods.

Today, we are still learning about the behavior and lifestyle of ants and how exactly they reproduce, build their nests, move around, eat, and survive.

Now you know their origins and behavior, they can still be an extreme bother within our homes. Thus, Mr. Cabinet Care, the well-known kitchen cabinet Cypress and kitchen remodeling companies Cypress, developed an infographic with all the methods to get rid of them: 

How to Prevent Ants from Infesting Your Kitchen

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