5 Tactics to Follow to Save Money on Kitchen Renovation


Kitchen renovation has always been a costly affair, but you can save a fortune by paying heed to these tips. A wisely designed kitchen doesn’t only save time and effort when you are cooking, but it also renders it a social hub for family and friends and adds gold to a property’s resale value. So, in order to save money on kitchen renovation, let’s have a look at these tips.


  • Avoid changing the layout


If your kitchen layout has been on a top notch quality for quite a while, then you can consider upgrading the electrical appliances, cabinetry and finishing instead of reorganizing everything. Moving the appliances around indicate that you will need to hire the services of electricians and plumbers for rewiring and plumbing purposes which will increase the costs.


  • Mix the worktop materials


You can use the natural comptoir de cuisine Entrepot Cuisine surfaces like marble or granite, they could be costly, but you can mix them up with other stones to make your kitchen look more appealing and creative. You can also use the materials in sections when combined with cheaper laminates for the surfaces of the high traffic areas.


  • Understand what the space can really accommodate


When undertaking a major kitchen remodel, then invest some time in considering the walls, flooring, and ceiling. Make sure that the walls and ceilings have the accurate dimensions to adjust the kind and number of appliances and cabinetry that can be fitted. Consider the placing of the windows as well. With precise planning, you don’t have to waste a dime later when you make changes in order to enhance the efficiency.


  • Repaint or reface the cabinetry


The cabinet doors are the face of the kitchen and luckily, its makeover is budget friendly and easily paintable as well for refacing purposes. Choose your flooring, backsplash, walls, and countertop surface materials, then select a new paint color for your cabinets that completes the scheme. If your cabinets cannot be repainted or stained, then you can opt for refacing. It refers to a process that entails keeping the cabinet framework but replacing all the side panels, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts as well.


  • Focus on upgrading the kitchen sinks, hardware, and taps


Instead of spending a fortune on costly countertops or tiles, a smart way to redecorate your kitchen is to focus on upgrading the features which are used frequently like cabinet handles, taps, and sinks. These well selected high quality sinks and cabinets can redo your kitchen in no time.