5 Freestanding Towel Racks that will assist keep your towels organized

A towel rack is a very functional and multipurpose piece of furniture. This freestanding towel rack requires no hanging or support and keeps your towels and clothes in an organized way. The towel racks are not specific for bathrooms, but you can keep them in kitchen and laundry space. It can effectively hold your bathroom essentials, extra towels, and toiletries. With the help of a towel rack, you can get an attractive and functional bathroom without any extra expenses. Homebox is the place where a lot of freestanding towel racks are obtainable at discounted price. They also give Homebox discount code to their customers which allow them to shop these furniture items at very inexpensive rates. You can easily find this discount code at couponksa.com. If you are planning to purchase the freestanding towel rack then our roundup may help you to select the best one:

Sula Versatile Towel Rack:

Its superb design and versatile use makes this towel rack a best pick for you. It is made from sustainable harvested teak wood, which is eco-friendly. It is blemished with teak oil and potted with a water based sealant. This water-resistant towel rack is specially designed for uneven floors. This long-lasting towel rack easily accommodates two large bath towels and little ones without looking weighty.

MyGift Freestanding Towel Rack:

It is a 3-tier tower rack made with silver chrome plate. Its slim silhouette is perfect for small corners in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. This space saving freestanding towel rack is also ideal for small rooms. This towel rock is also comes with a rectangular stand for utmost immovability. Have you listened about homebox discount code? We suggest you to buy this rack with the help of couponksa.com at economical rates.

Double T Hand Towel Holder:

This sturdy towel rack features two metal bars with a nickel finish. Its sleek design and highly functional use will surely add classiness to your bathroom. You can add 2 towels at the same time on this royal double T hand towel holder. Don’t forget to check couponksa.com for more promotions and offers on different products.

Freestanding 3-tier Metal Rack:

The special thing about this towel rack is that it is made from 100 % steel with chrome plated touch. This rack has 3 metal bars and its four padded steel frame makes it more firm and secure. Plus, it won’t leave ant scratch marks on your smooth bathroom floor. If you want style and stability both at a time then don’t hesitate to shop this 3-tier metal rack.

Curved 7-bar Outdoor Towel Rack:

This towel rack has a sturdy base that makes it steady and secure. The rack is specially designed for outdoor use such as poolside and beachside. It has a huge capacity to hold many towels and swimsuits at the same time. It is made from PVC which minimizes ultraviolet rays. In order to purchase this rack, take advantage of homebox discount code which is straightforwardly obtainable at couponksa.com.

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