Top Environmental Benefits Of Planting Trees

Trees are good, not only for your garden but also for the environment, as it provides shade and home for various animals. Aside from providing shade and natural beauty, trees also have a lot of environmental benefits. Hiring the help of an expert, such as professional gardening services Bondi from Amico, can help you grow trees and other plants in your garden or backyard.

Planting trees can enrich your garden when properly planted. If you are planning to grow a tree in your garden, below are some of the top benefits of trees to the environment that will encourage you.

  • Reduces Climate Change

The modern world has produced lots of pollution as well as excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These harmful CO2 contributes to climate change, which is the biggest problem that the earth is facing. Planting trees can help fight the spread of climate change as trees absorb CO2 from the air and store it while releasing oxygen. At the same time, only trees can produce enough oxygen for human beings so we must always plant and take care of our trees.

  • It Purifies The Air

It is known that trees purify the air and provides a fresher and cleaner environment. This is because they absorb nitrogen oxides, ammonia, ozone, sulfur oxide, and other pollutant gases that harm the earth. Also, trees act as filters and absorb odors. Studies have shown that a mature acre of trees can provide oxygen for eighteen people yearly.

  • It Cools Down The Streets

Some cities remove trees in exchange for concrete roads and buildings. Despite the rise in modernization and progress, we continue to neglect the trees that provide natural shade and cools the cities by up to 10F. Also, trees that are strategically planted in your home provides natural air conditioning, reduces carbon dioxide and emissions from power plants. You can also hire reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico to help you grow trees in your backyard.

  • Trees Save Water And Prevent Pollution

Aside from providing cool air, trees also save water. Due to the shade that they provide, evaporation occurs slowly on low vegetation. Studies have shown that trees need fifteen gallons of water a week to survive while they release 200 – 450 gallons of water per day to the earth. Also, stormwater contains phosphorus pollutants and nitrogen that is broken down by trees. Without trees, stormwater will pollute the oceans because there is nothing to break them down and help it absorb deep into the soil.

  • Provides Shelter For Wildlife

Many types of animals are nourished and live in trees. They are home to animals such as birds, bees, squirrels, and monkeys. They also a natural food source for many birds, insects, and wildlife. You can use them on very small surfaces, and they can still offer great environmental benefits to many living things.

Final Word

Trees are important to the earth. They help slow climate change, provide shade, prevent water pollution, give food, and is home to many wild animals. Planting a tree in your garden can give an aesthetic benefit to your landscape as well as lots of environmental benefits to you and the earth. You can always hire a professional to help you plant and grow your trees strategically in your backyard and keep it healthy all year round.

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