Searching For Architectural Firms For Office Buildings? Here’s A Guide!

Designing an office building requires experience and insight. Spaces are getting smaller by the day, and most investors are interested in making the most of what’s available. The role of commercial and industrial architects is a diverse one in that context. They don’t just focus on design and engineering, but bring scalability to each project. Working with known firms, such as architecte Stendel + Reich, has many advantages, and if you are not sure of how to select the right one, we have a few tips for your help below.

Start with a review

The best way to evaluate industrial architects is to review their work. This may sound cliché to many investors, but unless you are sure of what they have done and what they are capable of doing, it’s hard to take a stance. Office buildings and commercial spaces require huge money, and even one small mistake in planning can cost huge. To understand a company better, check the range of work they have completed in recent years. You may want to email them to get a portfolio, or simply check their website to know more.

The first meeting is super important

In all likeliness, the next step would be an in-person meeting, and this is very necessary and important. The idea is to select a company that takes your project on priority, regardless of the size. During the first few meetings, you would be discussing everything, right from their work to the overall challenges that are inherent to the project or may crop up in due course of time. It is also very critical to get ideas. You may have great concepts sourced from different projects, but unless those are tested for viability, it’s hard to come to conclusions.

Ask for references

A company may have worked on various commercial projects, but to test their claims, you should definitely ask for references. If an architectural practice has been around for a decade or more, they will offer client details on request. Also, try and understand the reputation of the firm in general in your region.

Final word

Office buildings must be designed for the future, and you need a firm that understands trends in commercial architecture and use technology to the best possible extent. Think of this as a long-term collaboration, and you wouldn’t mind spending the amount they charge for their services. Check online and ask for portfolio and quotations now.


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