Most commonly asked queries regarding spray-paint

Is primer really a must? Well, spray paint as a standalone product is good enough because it is oil-based in nature. If you want your paint to last long, primer is critical, especially in the outside environment.  You can also use it in furniture to provide a glossy finish.

Is top-coat necessary? Top coat is a transparent or translucent paint that is used over your regular paint as a seal, to protect it from damage. The paint gives an impeccably shiny finish that can be used on certain pieces of wood furniture to make it look new. Otherwise, you can do away with top coat, unless you’re a high maintenance freak who is hell-bent on doing a meticulous job.

Spray paint comes in different kinds of finishes like matte, gloss, semi-gloss, etc. Don’t rake your brain thinking about the chief differences between these products. They are, in essence, paint finishes that provide varying degrees of shine.  The lid on the can will determine how the final product will look like. If you want a ceramic-like finish, then by all means, opt for the gloss paint.

Deciding on what accessories you need for spray-paint. That’s entirely your judgment call. The ones who are fastidious may want to get their hands on everything possible, hoping for a perfect job. Primer and top-coat is your choice. If you’re particular about durability, then it doesn’t hurt to use them both. A spray paint handle is a good accessory if you’re going to be painting for long hours as it can be tiring to use your bare hands at all times. Painter’s pyramid is another product that can hold over 200lbs of paint and serves to keep the paint at an elevated surface. If you’re not in the mood to shell out extra bucks, then use whatever is available and delivers the same result.

The best paints can be quite a task to decide upon. There are many reputed brands like Spay-Net. The colors are superior quality and most importantly, they are affordable to the common man.

Another pressing concern among novice painters is the amount of paint. You’ll need about a gallon of it for every 350 square feet. The quantity will vary if you’re going to be applying multiple coats. Stock up on your choice of paint color either way or the color may very well go out of stock.

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