How To Properly Evacuate Your Commercial Kitchen Or Restaurant In Case Of Fire

As a restaurant owner, you are responsible for the safety of your workers and patrons in case of an emergency such as a fire. To guarantee this, you are obligated to ensure that the staff are trained well when it comes to emergency procedures, and you should have the knowledge on emergency exits, what to do and what not to do in case of a fire, and how to safely get the customers out without inciting panic.

Moreover, safety precautions should be in place, such as:

Development of evacuation plans

Regular emergency drills and reviews of the proper evacuation procedure

Presence of fire extinguishers

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First aid procedures

All employers must provide access to first aid supplies and/or first aid attendants to ensure the safety of everyone in their establishment. The employed first aid attendant must be prepared at all times and should be able to perform all kinds of services from soothing a burn, to stopping bleeding, or splinting broken bones. If there isn’t one, all workers must know where the first aid supplies are kept, and at least know basic first aid procedures.

Emergency exit points

Every employee must know where they can safely exit the building. To help with this, exit signs in bright, neon lights must be installed, so they are easy to see even in a blackout. More importantly, emergency exits must be kept clear at all times. Because they are rarely used, it’s easy to block them with equipment and other things.

Power isolation

Workers must also be educated on how to close down properly to prevent the fire from spreading even further and getting worse. A step-by-step instruction must also be developed and discussed with your staff.

Evacuation plans

Restaurants and other commercial establishments must always be ready for a fire. One of the things that should be on hand is an evacuation plan, developed with the help of a professional, if necessary. Most fire protection service providers can help you draw up a fire exit plan in addition to installations and maintenance of fire safety systems. And of course, to make sure that the plan is put to use, every worker must familiarize themselves with it.

Calm and clear customer communication

Unfortunately, it’s extremely likely that there will be customers in your restaurant during a fire situation. Since these people have not been trained on what to do and how to properly evacuate the building, they will rely on your staff for help and guidance. Your staff must know to prioritize their safety and keep them calm as much as possible so that there is clear communication between them.

Preparations and creation of exit plans are no use if they aren’t executed properly. Restaurant staff must be prepared to face emergencies at all times, and they must know exactly what to do without panicking themselves. By ensuring this, you ensure that everyone is provided with adequate protection.

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