How to keep the towels soft?

Having a towel can prove to be extremely weary for you will have to take proper care of it to ensure longevity. Hard water and friction can ruin the quality of towel and lead to fabric being torn down. Moreover, your towels will be at the risk of reducing absorbency if they are led to frequent exposure of oil and soil. No matter how good quality of towels you use such as Balmy Towels or more, all of them would require to be taken good care of them. Taking the best care of these towels can help them stay in a better position and for a long time. 

Some of the prominent things you should be doing to keep your towels soft include

Cut down detergent use

Most of us are in the habit of using detergents for washing the bathroom towels. These, however, can lead to soapy residue buildup in the towels which may harm the quality of towels. As a result, you should cut down on the use of detergents or use less than what is recommended. This will make it easier for the machine to wash the towel properly and keep off all kinds of soapy residues.

Use vinegar and not fabric softeners

Fabric softeners contain silicon which will prevent the towels from absorbing moisture. This may further lead to your towel not being washed properly. Rather using the fabric softeners to keep your towels soft, you should be using a cup of vinegar at least once in every six weeks. Moreover, the soapy residue of fabric softeners will make your towel hard and prevent absorbency. The vinegar would help remove all kinds of soapy residue and maintaining the softness. Moreover, vinegar can also help in restoring the absorbency. After using vinegar, run your towels through a quick normal wash cycle to enjoy the benefits. 

Toss in tennis or dryer ball

If you have some unused tennis balls around the dryer, you should be bouncing it around the towels. This can help remove the lumps and will also soften the towels. The use of tennis or dryer ball for tossing the towels can help restore the actual fluffiness of the towel. 

Opt for tumble drying 

Tumble drying can make your towels fluffy and reduce the risk of sage. As a result, you should be either using tumble drying or air drying. Moreover, you can also arrange these towels in a line and then dry them up. After drying them up, make sure to shake the towels a little to improve the cool settings. 


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