How To Effectively Vacuum Wool Rug?

We all are pretty much aware of how rugs are a great addition to any living space. In addition to that, different types of rugs like wool rugs act as a protective shield against all the scratches and also make your room seem less empty. But all those advantages come with a cost, and that is about their care and maintenance.

Especially the wool rugs, the longevity they provide make them an ideal choice for your home, but to keep them clean, you need to follow certain instructions. Now, if you own a woolen rug at home, here is how you can effectively clean it with a vacuum.

Step 1

The foremost thing to keep in mind is to keep it under care from day one to preserve its longevity. While using a vacuum, remember to use a vacuum attachment with a brush and gently take it over the rug’s surface. Always begin vacuuming your woolen rugs using the lowest suction possible.

Step 2

Now move your vacuum in the direction of the pile and let it suction the dirt, debris, and sand from your floral area rugs. If your rug is flat and woven, vacuum it across its width so that no area is left with dust and dirt.

Step 3

You should keep in mind while vacuuming your rug that you don’t run the vacuum cleaner over the edges more than once or twice. That’s because it will loosen up the fibers of your wool rugs and will leave unfinished edges that will deteriorate the rug’s quality.

Step 4

Vacuum the rug from front and back. For that, you need to flip your rug over the backside and then vacuum it. Although this might be tough to perform as rugs are usually heavy, this is an effective way to deep clean rugs.

Step 5

Last but not the least, it is very important to vacuum your rugs regularly to maintain their quality and shape. Especially if your rugs are located in high foot traffic areas, then dirt and dust particles are attached to them.

In the end, we can say if your drug is quite dirty and it seems impossible for you to clean it all by yourself, then it would be best to call Professional Area Rug Cleaner hartford wi. They will carry out special wool rug cleaning techniques that won’t harm the quality and show of your rugs.