How to choose bathroom taps?

It is usually the bathroom taps that help to create most of the impact on the bathroom. The right bathroom tapware always provides a cool and complete finish to your bathroom. Hence, it is extremely necessary to manage the entire thing. There are several of tap sets around the market handled by experts. Each tap is designed to fit a specific purpose. Hence, they should be taken care of properly.

Types of taps

When it comes to bathroom tapware, there are usually two of them that are extremely popular: mixer taps and separate hot and cold taps. Both of these are designed to meet different requirements of the people they have spout along with the tap or one placed separately.

Both these taps can be used for one common purpose of filling basin, showering, or taking a bath. These taps are easily available in the market designed to meet certain purposes. As a result, you can mix and match both these types and place it in your bathroom for better convenience.

Mixer Tap

The mixer taps are the single lever ones. These usually have a combination of hot and cold water. As a result, you are given the freedom to set temperature as per your convenience. The only thing you would want to do is move the lever from one end to another to control the temperature.

Mixer Taps are also referred to as mounted taps. This is usually because they are fitted against the wall. One major drawback of mixer taps is that they can’t be easily replaced. Therefore to remove the mixer taps entirely, thorough renovation needs to be carried out to meet the requirements of people.

Separate hot and cold taps

Apart from mixer taps, these separate hot and cold taps are one of the best choices to make. Such taps usually have two handles. These further contribute towards allowing the students to control temperature accordingly. Since the plumbing fittings are easily available in separate hot and cold taps, replacing them is easy.


Most of the taps are placed against a backdrop of granite to create a huge impact. If you want to place your tap against granite, you should prefer getting Granite au Sommet granite for better benefits.

Know what you want

Since there are different types of tapware available in the market, it is easier for you to remember the names by narrowing down search options. You may either look for hob mounted ones or wall-mounted ones as per your convenience.

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