How Modern Construction Methods are Addressing School Shortages

The UK government is currently facing a problem to meet the demand for an increasing number of schools the government requires. The government has tried to address this problem through the construction of standardized designed schools. This was to aim to address the problem of schools especially primary schools’ places in United Kingdom. Because this method of investigation was exploratory in nature, different ways of data collection were used, and research philosophy utilized.


A survey was used as a method of data collection which involved three hundred and six stakeholders and construction professionals. Besides, qualitative data collection was also used which involved nine selected interviews which the team used to make the stage of methodology successful. The research strongly illuminated the people’s perception and trust in the successful implementation of standardization kind of design. This, however, showed a difference between this kind of design and its definition.

The standardized design used has shown result that has influence in finances and time required for constructors and stakeholders to undertake the construction process of new schools. The results obtained are not fully conclusive because of exploratory nature used in research, however, it has provided and has also contributed to the area standardization in construction of the schools. The result of this result has also given ideas to the stakeholders on construction. The research has supported that, in order to drive and promote standardization in delivery of schools a joint action is required contractors, designers, manufacturers, and clients.

Working in unity

These individuals should work together with each other, hand in hand to come up with mature and reliable solutions. When these individuals are determined and cooperate with each other with minimal differences these solutions will be developed successfully. The positive solutions developed actually help the stakeholder’s delivery standardized modular school buildings in the United Kingdom government with the knowledge to enable them to understand the concept. Once the concept is fully understood, the stakeholders are able to make challenges the opportunities.


First was to figure out how to achieve a better target. The conditions of different schools widely vary. The finance, therefore, may not be sufficient for stakeholders to undertake the construction and clear strategic planning should be undertaken by the stakeholders. Assets management should be the innovation of the stakeholders. Capital required should be assessed so as to avoid issues arising of time constraints and capital constraints in the middle of the construction. Stakeholders involved should make the budget and consider the extra demand that may arise.

The assumption of the investigation has shown that it has a positive impact on the learners’ performance. The massive acceptance is that the capital expenditure has affected the performance of the learners. Modular school buildings development has a positive effect making sure schools have the right facilities for educational needs of the children, with the advancement in technology in the current world mean that the schools in future will be totally different from the schools existing recently (Elite Systems GB).This problem should be therefore tackled to give room for the technology advancement.

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