Easy Ways to Keep Your Synthetic Lawn Looking Great

Have you had a synthetic lawn installation at your home or business? This attractive product is highly durable and functional.  Unlike grass, it won’t freeze, die off in patches, or require mowing.  However, it does require some care to keep looking its best. Here are a few tips:

Brush Your Lawn

The blades of artificial grass can bend over time. This is especially visible in high traffic areas. Brush the lawn to get it standing up and perky again. A stiff brush with 5-6″ long bristles is recommended. Metal bristles can damage the grass, so look for synthetic brushes. Work with light pressure; this shouldn’t take a lot of force.

Keep it Clean

Dirt, fallen leaves, and more can accumulate over time. Clean the artificial lawn regularly with a leaf blower, lawn sweeper, etc. Has something spilled? Remove it as soon as possible by blotting and rinsing the area.

Water Your Lawn

Did you know that an artificial lawn needs water, too? In this case, spraying with water can rinse the grass, keeping it looking great. You may need to do this weekly or more often during dry, dusty months.

If you see stained areas, spot treat with detergent and hose them down. For stubborn stains, apply a specialty product or try freezing the sticky substance with an ice cube. Next, scrape it gently off with a dull plastic knife. Be careful here as sharp scrapers can damage your lawn

Remove Odors

Smells can really reduce your guests’ enjoyment of the lawn, so tackle these as soon as possible. Enzyme cleansers can attack the source of the smell, breaking down liquids like dog urine. You can also deodorize with solutions of vinegar and water.

Keep it Weeded

Yes, weeds can grow in artificial grass! Technically, they start growing under it. If these annoyances sprout through the material, they will damage your grass. If you’re having a problem with weeds, consider using weedicides on the area. Follow the instructions and rinse well before letting people and animals back onto the surface.

For Big Jobs…

Look into professional services that can groom your artificial lawn. They have access to the best techniques and pro grade equipment. For a small investment here, even a lawn in rough shape can be clean and natural looking again.

Are you interested in synthetic lawn installation?

This durable and economical alternative to grass is just a phone call away! Contact us at ForeverLawn Bellevue (425-217-3715) and one of our experts can walk you through your options. Our artificial grass has a 10-year warranty, which is the best in the industry. Give us a call today.

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