Decorate your house with neon signs

Neon signs have been a popular business promotional strategy from decades. They are attractive and cost effective; hence, people prefer using neon signs to promote their business. These light signs can be used for different purposes like for directing location, banners for business, promoting products, etc. These light signs are made with glass tube and neon gas or any other gas which is mixed to create different colors.

These lights glow when they are electrocuted with energy. When the energy passes through them, they illuminate the neon. The gases are filled in the glass tube, which can be molded in various shapes and designs. The ability to mold the glass makes the attractive and creative. Thus, making them the medium for promoting business endorsements. Click here for more information on light signs.

Benefits of light signs

  • Attract customers: Neon signs are used specifically for the purpose of attracting customers. Many business houses are using neon lights as a medium to create brand awareness. The ability of the neon signs to be molded in any form and shape is the major reason for its attractiveness.
  • Long life: It is a one-time investment because if the neon signs are built properly, they can be used for a long period of time. The neon lights can last up to 10 to 12 years whereas the traditional lights are required to be changed after every few months.
  • Best for night time: Neon signs are bright as they use bright colors. Their visibility increases manifold, especially during night time. Hence, business houses that work 24/7 use neon lights for the promotion of their business.

How to make neon signs for home decoration?

  • Take a paper and draw whatever you wish to create for decorating your house. It can be shapes, pictures, or words.
  • Take a string and trace the design that you have drawn on the paper.
  • Use the same string to measure the length of the wire you need for making neon signs.
  • Bend the wire according to the picture you have drawn on the paper.
  • Use glue to attach the wire with the neon light wire.

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