Choosing Memory Foam Mattress Density for the Perfect Balance of Comfort and Support

A memory foam mattress will offer you much more comfort while serving you for a longer time than a regular mattresses. Additionally, a memory foam mattress distributes body weight evenly and reduces pressure points considerably and facilitates comfortable sleep.

One of the things you should consider when buying a memory foam mattress is its density, expressed in pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft^2). The article serves to guide you on selecting the right denseness of your memory foam mattress for a perfect balance of comfort and support.

Derivation of Foam Density

The calculation of foam mattress density is nothing different from what you learned in your 5th grade. A manufacturer measures the mass of a foam sample measuring 12inches*12inches*12inches, and subsequently, divides the mass (pounds) by the volume (1 cubic foot) to obtain the density.

Memory foam mattresses are supplied in three densities; low, medium, and high.

  1. Low-Density Foam

Low-density foam measures three or fewer pounds per cubic foot. Such a mattress will feel softer and will allow you to sink deeper. They are the lightest and cheapest of the mattresses you will find in the market. Although low-density memory foam mattress may offer better comfort, it may not support your weight optimally. Accordingly, opt for the low density and cheaper option for guest bedrooms and RV since you won’t be using it often—so, you won’t have to worry much about declining durability and support.

  1. Medium Density

Medium density memory foam mattress measures four to five pounds per cubic foot. They are the most popular options and offer the ideal balance of comfort and support. The mattress suits most budgets without compromising on comfort. Although the mattress is not as soft as the low-density options, you will sink into comfort without much resistance. It’s the ultimate choice unless you are looking for a substantially firm alternative or you weigh massive pounds.

  1. High Density

For exceptional durability and support, opt for the high-density mattress whose value is between four and six pounds per cubic foot. They are the most expensive and have the most extended lifespan. Additionally, the mattresses are suitable for people suffering from back problems due to its capability to maintain a proper spine properly.

Tips for Purchasing a Foam Mattress That Will Offer You Comfort and Support

  • Purchase from reputable sellers: Never compromise on the quality of the mattress.  Buy your mattress from a trustworthy seller. Look for customer reviews and determine whether the seller’s products are of high-quality.
  • Test before Purchase: At the store, lie on the mattress to ascertain that it meets your support and comfort needs. Nevertheless, this may be a different story when purchasing online. Thus, ensure the seller has a return policy and take the time to read it thoroughly. You might need to return the mattress if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Purchasing a mattress based on a medical condition? Talk to your doctor first before investing your money in a mattress. The health care specialist may recommend the right mattress for your situation.


Choosing the right memory foam mattress that will offer you optimum comfort and support boils down to your purpose and health needs. Opt for low-density foam when looking for a guest bedroom or RV mattress. A medium density mattress is a favorite option among many mattress buyers due to its ideal balance of support and comfort. You may consider buying a high-density mattress if you anticipate more significant support and longevity. All in all, look for a mattress that will fit your comfort level while at the same time conforming to your body shape to give you the appropriate support.

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