Best Types And Benefits Of Porcelain Tiles That You Must Know About

Porcelain tiles have been the talk of the town for a long time now. People keep hearing about them often, but the question of whether or not these tiles are worthy remains constant. If you too have been delaying the renovation of your house because of this confusion, then the guide listed below is the best solution for you.

To begin with, the first myth about porcelain tiles is that they can not be strong since they are cheap. But, surprisingly, porcelain tiles from authentic importers and suppliers are actually high in quality and low in price. Thus, be assured that the low price of these tiles has nothing to do with their durability. Moving on, Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles are available in multiple colors, shapes, designs, and patterns. The best collections available at Carreaux Metro at low prices include the following.

  1. Moov Collection

Tiles in the Moov collection are made from Italian porcelain and are made available in 4 hues, Beige, Anthracite, Grey, and Ivory. They are matte and can give the house an urban touch.

  1. Formwork Collection

Crafted from Italian porcelain in 3 colors, Anthracite, Bianco, Grey, these tiles can be made matte as well as lappato. They are ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls.

  1. Prima Collection

The Italian tiles from the Prima collection at Carreaux Metro are quite sober. They can be made matte as well as polished – according to your likes – and are available in the following 7 attractive hues.

  1. True White Glazed
  2. Warm White
  3. Ivory
  4. Smoke
  5. Mica
  6. Clay
  7. Charcoal

Benefits Of Porcelain Tiles That Make Them So Popular

Already affordable and diverse, porcelain tiles exhibit various other benefits that you should be aware of before buying them for your house.

  • Porcelain tiles are super strong and highly durable. It makes them a perfect option for kitchen floors
  • These tiles do not crack or stain so easily. Besides, their surface can be cleaned very easily
  • Porcelain can be carved in different shapes like square, hexagon, and many more. Thus, the tiles can be made available in multiple patterns of your choice
  • They can be matte, polished, as well as semi-polished
  • They can be given the resistance, shine, and look of wood and natural stones like marble and graphite
  • They are water-resistant and frost-resistant to a great extent
  • They do not damage easily even when exposed to harsh chemical solvents

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