5 Bertoia Chair Layout Ideas that will Boost the Beauty of your Home

For many household and apartment inhabitants, the question not only lies in how to make certain furniture layouts work beautifully, but it also demands that everything work in a way that serves a greater operational purpose. Side chairs like the Bertoia Chair aren’t articles easy to overlook in the hub of a house due to their eye-catching design. The worst problem arises when you place it in a cramped and incorrect manner. To help you avoid fatal interior design pitfalls, we’ve drawn up a few guiding illustrations, so read on to gain style tips:

  1. The Freestanding Strategy:


Although the Bertoia Chair doesn’t have the most grandiose aura, its polished stainless steel frame, chrome finish and airy meshwork structure still curate a clean and stately aura. Here we’ve carefully assessed the room’s assets and come to the conclusion that the chair best serves its purpose as a focal point reading corner. There’s a sense of expansiveness and lightheartedness in this entire setup because of the supplementation of accompanying decoration pieces in the form of books and a deep colored, single-stemmed side table near a cow upholstered rug. All of these ensure that the room isn’t devoid of life whilst the chair itself is perfectly fine occupying a freestanding outlook.

  1. Making the most of cramped spaces:


Whoever thought living rooms and dining rooms can’t occupy the same space didn’t consider the smart and compact proportions of the Bertoia Chair. The image above is a wonderful representation of how having different lighting sources from the side and above, at varying heights will draw your eyes directly towards the centralized dining space making it feel more visually interesting. This is a very eclectic and trendy approach because of the use of classic greys and generally neutral color palette. The neatness and glossy ambiance are entire because of the atmospheric placement of the side chairs, making the whole environment feel unique and edgy. The use of contemporary secondary furnishing pieces exudes a statement-worth aura whilst not coming off as too bland.

  1. The ultimate modernist loft:


The Bertoia Chair as evident above can definitely be incorporated in a manner as to result in a glossy-magazine spread. The layout above is a contemporary interior designer’s dream come true. You’ll notice that each element plays off so synergistically with each other. After infinite handmade variations, Bertoia crafted this chair into a multipurpose instrument. In fact, you can use it that dining areas, living rooms, lounges, etc. finding that its natural form fits seamlessly. The white undertones and use of intriguing glass adornments alongside extensive stairs and an L-Shaped couch add unending dimensions of textures and moods that will leave onlookers in awe. The new design elements brought forth by chairs that were constructed over 60 years ago. This is a testimony to the timeless and captivating craftsmanship of the Bertoia Side Chairs.

  1. An amalgamation of divergent themes:


With the Bertoia chair and the right décor pieces, you can make the most of any architectural space. It screams of a scheme that reflects a chic, elegant, upscale yet inviting ambiance. The successful integration of all these seemingly random elements is a result of the shapely diversity offered by the chair. Also, its customizable vegan leather adds to the element of homeliness. You can try pairing this seating arrangement with tasteful art pieces, large and glossy mirror hangings and a 3-dimensional approach. Consequently, you’ll achieve a wonderfully synergistic room that fuses together modern and mid-century vibes. Its tiny details like the hardwood flooring, frames of certain pictures and the legs of the opposing chair that subtly tie in with the tan leather of the side chairs making the entire space flow together.

  1. An ivory heaven:


The whitewashed color scheme showcased above possesses an enchantingly holistic vibe. With its industrial appearance, normally homeowners wouldn’t consider the Bertoia Chair capable of appearing as elegant or classical. However, the image above is proof that their everlasting beauty results in a space filled with graceful hues. The neutral-toned theme and cascade of illuminating natural light produce an angelic and tranquil aura. You can choose to keep the vegan leather colored instead of opting out for it. As a result, you can break through the monochromatic design space and complement the frame of the hanging wall art. This will reproduce a wholesome retreat that’ll entice you to sit down with a steaming cup of tea.

Whether you want to create a traditional or more up to date living space, there’s an endless amount of ideas. These ideas are perfect for every taste. These 5 samples will act as your guiding light when creativity seems to be lacking.

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