What You Should Know Before Buying An Air Conditioner

When buying an air conditioner, you need to be aware of some factors that will make your choice as accurate as possible. Many people don’t know what to consider, which ends up causing wrong voltage or power choices, for example.

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What To Evaluate When Buying An Air Conditioner?

Before you start researching prices and brands, you need to look for essential data, such as existing model types, ideal power, energy consumption, and installation location. Other factors, such as the length and width of the space available for aircon installation, are essential, in addition to the number of electronics your network supports.

The Ideal Model Of Air Conditioning For You

Currently, there are several models of air conditioning. However, the most chosen for homes are usually: window, portable, and splits. After knowing these models, it will be easier to know which device to buy for your home.

The window designs are those that are at the rear in the outside environment. This technology is more traditional than the others. Thus, it is typical for this type of device to generate more noise and consume more energy. On the other hand, it offers different voltages and requires minor modification to the structure of your home to install.

On the other hand, laptops do not need to be installed; that is, you can use the same device in several different rooms, transporting it using its training wheels. They are usually quiet and need to be close to windows to connect their extension tube to exchange air indoors and outdoors.

Split models are divided into two units: an internal one, called an evaporator and an external one, called a condenser. They have newer technologies, being very economical and silent since the condenser is permanently installed in an open place.

Power: How To Calculate Btus

Performing the calculation of BTUs is of paramount importance when buying an air conditioner. If you choose the wrong power, the device may end up not acclimatizing the environment properly. On the other hand, exaggerating the number of BTUs can result in energy expenditure greater than necessary.

To calculate BTUs, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Each square meter of the room is equivalent to 600 BTUs;
  • Each additional person equals 600 BTUs (first is not counted);
  • Each electronic device that emits heat, such as a computer, is also equivalent to 600 BTUs;
  • If the room is exposed to the sun continuously, the calculation must be done with 800 BTUs for all the above situations.

For example, a 25 m² room, which is not directly exposed to the sun, with a computer and which will be used by two people, will need a 16,200 BTU air conditioner.

Calculation data:

25 (m²) x 600 (BTU) = 15,000 BTUs

600 (BTUs – for one person, excluding first)

600 (BTUs – one computer)

To make it easier, you can use our BTU calculator that performs this account quickly especially when the system not working properly.