Simple Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out On The Market

The housing market has undergone significant changes over the past few years, with properties seeing their value fluctuate significantly in the wake of the international health crisis. Properties in urban areas saw demand drop as remote working opportunities took residents further afield, gardens became more sought after as lockdowns validated the value of outdoor space, and coastal properties increased in price as families looked for a home in a more idyllic location.

Now, however, the market is changing once again. Mortgages are becoming more scarce and there looks to be a slowing of demand among buyers, leaving homeowners eager to improve their property’s chance at being sold and for a great price.

While some will be able to take on larger renovations and home improvements that will improve their property’s performance on the market, others will not have the resources or time with which to do so. This is not to say, however, that there is nothing that can be done. In fact, there are a number of simple ways in which a home can be made to stand out and gain more attention on the market. 

Bright And Bold

Colourful homes, those with freshly painted and bright facades, are growing in value. This is partly because of growing trends among idyllic communities where streets are made to look more characterful and appealing with an array of homes all with contrasting but complementary colours. Now, colourful homes are being associated with this sense of community, demonstrating a degree of care for the local neighbourhood. 

As such, a fresh lick of paint on the exterior of a home not only improves its condition, as well as the first impression it will make on buyers, but also suggests a positive community standing too.

Street Numbers

A small but far from insignificant detail is that of street numbers. Having a bespoke and high-quality property name or street number on your home, just like with a fresh coat of paint, demonstrates a degree of care for presentation and how a property appears in the neighbourhood.

Growing Local

Trimmed lawns have long been a point of pride among homes, with neat grass demonstrating care taken in a garden space. However, with a growing awareness of environmental impact, these tidy landscapes are being swapped for bustling gardens filled with home-grown vegetables, log cabins, bee hives, and wildflowers. 

Cultivating such a rich landscape while still making it look beautiful is a challenging task, especially with beans climbing high and courgettes appearing in great numbers. However, mastering nature will be far more impressive to locals and wildlife alike, than any trimmed lawn.

Energy Efficiency

While not a visual asset, any property that has low energy costs holds great long-term appeal for buyers, since it will not require costly utility bills to remain comfortable. As such, homeowners should make great efforts to achieve a positive EPC rating and impress potential buyers with both affordable overhead costs and sustainable living spaces.