Should a Mouse Infestation Be Handled by Professional Exterminators?

Finding mice sneaking into your house can be frustrating. To address a mouse issue effectively, you must learn the basics about these invasive rodents. The more you know about them, the better you can prevent them from claiming your living space. Also, you should call a pest control company now if you suspect mice have taken up shop somewhere in your home. Below are facts you may want to know about mice:

Mice are Not Cuddly

Some people may find mice cute and loveable. This is not surprising because these creatures are associated with rodents such as hamsters, rabbits, Guinea pigs, and squirrels. Their tiny furry faces and overly-sized ears make them adorable. However, keep in mind that mice are related to rats, which are disgusting as they dig through the filth, carrying different diseases. 

You Need a Mouse Exterminator

Mouse Infestation

The majority of homeowners purchase traps and bait once they spot mice in their living space. But this approach won’t resolve the problem, particularly if you are not aware of the kind of rodent that has invaded your home. 

Are you sure you are dealing with mice, not rats? It’s important to contact a pest control professional to help you. The cost of their service will vary, so you can obtain an estimate according to factors such as your home’s size and the severity of the infestation. 

While there are DIY alternatives you can consider, nothing will be more effective than a trained expert when handling a mouse infestation. When you take on the task on your own, you only control the population. But this only works if you are still dealing with a smaller mouse population. Signs that you need a professional mouse exterminator include bite marks on your furniture, fecal matter on counters, smudge marks on floors or walls, scratching and squeaking sounds from the ceiling and wall, as well as live mice wandering around your house. 

Such signs mean the issue has gotten out of control. The infestation is spreading throughout the property and must be handled right away. A mouse will be forced out of its breeding chamber if it is already overcrowded. When this happens, it will have to build another nest. While the mouse is strolling through your house, they look for a new place to reproduce and settle down. Mice tend to create nests near sources of food and water. They can get through your house through the HVAC ducts. 

If you are wondering if you spend money on a professional mouse exterminator, your issue may have gone beyond your control. While you can use traps and baits, your mouse issue can stay. Consider plugging holes around plumbing and those that lead to the outside. In this process access points are essential.