Roti – The Indian Tortilla 


What is Roti? 


Roti is actually a flatbread that is generally made in a round shape by native Indians. It is actually made by stoneground wholemeal flour which in fact, known as ‘atta’ where water is mixed into dough to give the flour its traditional avatar. To make Roti in a more proper way we will recommend the Rotimatic, an amazing roti maker you can use to make roti. 

There are different types of roti and it is made by Indians in many different ways. The most popular method of baking a roti is a flatbread roti. There are other variations too like the Paratha and Puri. Generally, North Indians eat roti every day. North Indians usually eat roti with ‘sabzi’ or ‘curry’ and even with both of them. Everyone likes to eat 2-4 Rotis according to their diet. 

To make roti, you need basically 2 ingredients that are –  wholemeal flour (a mixture of atta and water). You can salt and some oil to make it more delicious. A roti is actually a close brother to Tortillas. There are a lot of variations of Roti. From North India to South India, roti has different variations. In some regions, it is baked more thinly while in some regions Rotis are made more thickly. Punjabis make roti thicker and call it paratha while Gujaratis make roti thinker and call it fafda.

A complete recipe to how to make Roti is given below – 


The dough is the very first thing you need to have for making rotis. You must note that the dough for the roti maker is different from the dough used for tava. The roti maker dough should be very softer than a sough, which you use for tava. The softer dough will help the roti to stay intact and soft. Moreover, don’t use stored roti’s atta to make rotis as it will provide a weird texture. After making the dough, keep it on rest for at least 30-60 minutes before you start to bake rotis. If you start to use the dough instantly your rotis will start cracking as the dough has not yet settled. 

The very next step after making the dough is to make rotis. For this, you need to do two things: 


  • Make balls of atta
  • Start-up the Roti maker and let it be hot


You should start by making atta balls in order to make rotis. After making the roti balls, turn up the roti maker and heat it up for 5-6 minutes. You will get the indicator of heating from the heating light. After heating up get the dough and close the lid with the handle and press softly for just 1-2 seconds. Open the lid after 1-2 seconds and you will see the dough is now round and let the roti cook for at least 15 seconds. Do the same for the other side too. 

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