How Much It Costs to Replace HDB Main Door

All flats and buildings in Singapore under the HDB (Housing Development) must strictly adhere to their rules and regulations. These policies ensure that the flats have proper privacy, security, and visual appeal as well as maintenance. Replacing any damaged or broken part of an HDB home has to be carried out according to their standards, whether it be doors, windows, kitchen sinks, etc.

As a homeowner if you’re planning to replace or install an HDB main door due to wear and tear or simply to upgrade, here’s everything you need to know about how much it costs to replace a HDB main door, a cost breakdown for different types of doors as well as a couple of factors that will affect the replacement costs.

Factors Affecting Replacement Costs of HDB Door Replacement

When it comes to replacing an HDB main door, the following factors influence the replacement costs.

Material Selection:

The first factor that will influence the cost is your material choice. HDB policies allow for a wide array of door materials, including but not limited to solid wood, metal, PVC, and composite materials. PVC and metal HDB standard main doors are usually cheaper than their wooden and glass counterparts.

Design and Customization:

Most people are happy with the stock design of their main doors, but some may be inclined to customize them in a variety of ways. From aesthetic customizations such as size, design, and color to accessories like peepholes and digital locks, there are a lot of ways to customize an HDB door replacement. Depending on how intricate or cutting-edge the customisation option is, the price will vary accordingly.

Installation Charges:

The installation charges for doors are mostly standard across Singapore, though more reputed companies tend to charge more for properly fitting the main door in a secure manner. Installation charges for HDB door replacements tend to be higher depending on the project’s complexity.

Locking Mechanisms:

When it comes to home security, you definitely want the best quality locks using the latest technology. While regular locks are known to provide a fair degree of security, you can also opt for more advanced and expensive options such as digital locks and multipoint locking systems.

HDB Regulations and Approval:

If your door customisations fall within HDB regulations and policies, then you have nothing extra to worry about. But if not, you may have to make certain mandatory customizations and changes which can accrue as additional expenses. To avoid this pitfall make sure to have the required approval from the relevant authorities before committing to the replacement or installation of an HDB main door.

Cost Breakdown

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for; the cost breakdown of replacing an HDB main door. An HDB main door replacement price will usually fall within the following numbers depending on the dimensions.

Basic PVC Main Door:

Material Cost: SGD 600 – SGD 1799

Total Cost: (SGD 600 – SGD 1799) + Installation costs

Solid Wood Main Door:

Material Cost: SGD 700 – SGD 1200

Total Cost: (SGD 700 – SGD 1200) + Installation costs

Aluminium Main Door:

Material Cost: SGD 899 – SGD 1199

Total Cost: (SGD 899 – SGD 1199) + Installation costs

Customized or Specialty Doors:

Material Cost: Varies based on design and features

Installation Charges: Varies based on complexity

Additional costs may include:

Locking mechanisms: 60SGD – 400SGD  (depending on type and complexity)

Digital locks: 399SGD – 1600SGD  (depending on brand and features)

HDB approval fees: Varies (if modifications require approval)

Additional features such as peepholes, doorbells, or door viewers: 30SGD – 360SGD each

Please note that the aforementioned figures are an estimated average, and individual costs may differ depending on brand choice and contactor rates.

Final Thoughts

Despite HDB protocols and regulations seeming like a hassle, it’s in your best interests at the end of the day to uphold the exceptional living standard Singapore is known for. Now that you know how much it costs to replace an HDB main door as well as the cost breakdown, you should have an easier time planning out the cost of such a project.

By making informed decisions with the help of a professional contractor, you cannot only make the whole process seamless but also save on unwanted expenses caused by mistakes or ignorance. Happy door hunting, and good luck with replacing your HDB main door.