How Investing in Pedicure Chairs Can Boost your Salon Business

When it comes to running a spa or salon, it is important that your spa can offer a variety of services so that you can continually attract clients and encourage them to become your regular customers. So, if you want your salon and spa to flourish and be successful, you should be able to observe at least how those leading salons are doing to their business without compromising the identity of your own spa or salon. These salon and spa customers have this certain expectation when it comes to the qualities in the establishment, from pedicure chairs, other salon equipment, and the services being offered. If your salon will be able to cater to what they are looking for in a salon, then chances are that they will someday go back, and maybe eventually become one of your regulars. 

So, no matter what your clientele or the prices of your services are, your spa or salon still must have certain things that are common with every other spa and salon, or else, you might find it hard to keep up with the competition.

Good Pedicure Chairs for Great Pedicure Services

Even though you may or may not have been in the beauty salon business for a while, or you are just starting up your salon, it is essential that you give high importance when you are looking for new pedicure chairs. The main reason for this is because manicures and pedicures are one of the main reasons why women go to a salon even though this can be done at home because there is something that is so relaxing when having manicures and pedicures in a salon. Thus, because mani-pedis are very important to women, it will be very helpful to your salon if you take some time to research for the right pedicure chairs so that you can get the best possible chair for your salon.

Below is a guide on how you can find the best possible pedicure chairs for your salon:

  • You should buy only from reputable manufacturers

Even though it is tempting that you buy pedicure chairs from overseas, it is better recommended that you buy from your local manufacturers. This is because you are sure that you can benefit from good warranties, and in case any problem will occur, it will also be easy for you to avail the benefit for after-sale technical support and you can also have easy access to replacement parts should you need it. 

  • Prefer modern pipe-less chairs

Pipes underneath is one basic feature for classic pedicure chairs. When the chair is in use, the water will circulate through the pipes, and after using the chair, the basin is supposed to be drained. But because there are pipes in the pedicure chair, it will become impossible to completely drain all the water that was being used because the tendency is, there will be water that will be left in the pipes. This can then lead to bacteria growth then eventually lead to infections. Fortunately, there are already leading pedicure chair manufacturers innovating their pedicure chairs and are designing chairs that are already pipe-less. With this modern technology, an increased level of hygiene is present thereby ensuring the safety of your clients which they will truly appreciate. These pipe-less chairs are not just offering safety, but also, these chairs are going to be much easier to clean and maintain because the chance of clogging from skin and hair residues is already eliminated. 

  • Make sure that you consider your drainage options

Every massage chair will require draining, but this does not mean that you will have to place the chair near a drain. So, if you do not have a nearby drain that you can use, you can purchase a discharge pump or a drain pump to serve as an accessory that will allow you to pump the water out of the basin of the chair into a remote drain. 

  • Have massage systems

If a pedicure chair has an integrated massage system, it may be a costly investment for you, and however, you should also consider the effects of such investment. One significant effect is that you will be taking your pedicure services to the next level because you are offering an added relaxing experience to your clients. With this added incentive from your services, there is going to be a big chance that your customers will definitely come back and choose your salon instead of those competitors.

  • Some additional options for you

One important additional option that you should be putting on some thought is disposable liners. By having these disposable liners, you will also be providing an added level of hygiene and will also make it easier for you to maintain the basin in optimum condition. You can also consider auto-fill as another option, however, if you do not have the much budget, then you can still choose to do away with this option and maybe consider this as one of your future projects once you already have the necessary funding. What this auto-fill feature does is basically refilling the basin automatically without requiring some staff assistance. So, if you do not have it or you can’t have it yet, this is really one aspect that you should consider to increase the quality of your services.

When someone is getting a pedicure, itserves as a very therapeutic treatment for our feet because it removes dead skin, softens the hard skin, and more importantly it shapes and treats your toenails. Getting regular pedicure sessions can also support chiropody if you are someone who is suffering from foot problems because this can help you prevent the need for further treatment. Thus, if you want to be able to maintain and even grow your client base, it is really important that you get the right equipment for your pedicure services and most importantly, hire qualified nail technicians who also have high standards when it comes to hygiene and providing quality services to your customers. Aside from that, it is also recommended that you have a good spa menu with descriptions so that an undecided customer will not be having a hard time deciding the services that she may want to avail.


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