5 Sure Fire Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Timber Furniture

Timber is timeless. Timber furniture renders a degree of elegance to your home – hardly matched by any other material imaginable. One of the best bets of investing in wood is that it guarantees all this allure without you having to shell out a fortune for its maintenance. However, that no reason to assume that Modern Timber Furniture entails absolutely no maintenance at all.

Today, in the course of the post, we will walk you through a few tips with the help of which you will be able to make the most of your wooden furniture. Read on to explore:

  1. Make sure you are not exposing your timber to sunlight!

Do not be surprised if that stunning corner piece starts losing its lustre over the years- or for that matter, your favourite wooden table starts showing weird “spots.” Prolonged exposure to sunlight might as well be blamed for all this. Longer exposure to sunlight leads to the phenomenon called spotting, which entails the formation of white and dark spots on your wooden furniture. Make sure you are only putting the pieces that can be covered with a cloth on the path of sunlight. For instance, if it is a dining table, a tablecloth will suffice.

  1. Don’t test its endurance:

Do not bring modern timber furniture home, if you want to test its endurance. Do not assume that just because you have read that wood is one of the sturdiest materials you’ll come across, it can actually withstand all that it’s exposed to. For instance, you should never let your timber furniture come in direct contact with anything hot – pans, pots, dishes, pizza boxes, or cups! Always use coasters or mats. It is very difficult to remove heat marks from wood. You might as well have to reach out to professionals to restore it to its former glory.

  1. Regular dusting is important:

Dust your wooden furniture regularly to ensure that it retains its sparkle forever! You do not exactly have to invest in Designer Timber Furniture to append to the allure of your home. Even a regular wooden unit can do wonders to your interiors! Just ensure – no matter what the size of your timber furniture is – you are dusting it on a regular basis to keep the shine on! Do not let the dust settle on it.

  1. Clean up spills!

The advice is to act with lightning-fast speed when spills occur. Blotting action is even better than wiping the same off since it mitigates the spread of the liquid on the surface of the wood. Do not let the spill dry up, otherwise, it will get excruciatingly difficult for you to get rid of the stain from your modern timber furniture.

  1. Learn about its aging habits:

Trust us when we say this! The way wood ages remain one of the most beautiful phenomena associated with the same. Depending on the type of timber you are investing in, the same may end up either lightening or darkening with the passage of time. And that takes nothing away from its elegance! You might want to learn about the aging tendencies among different types of timber before buying a unit.

In order to make more informed decisions, make sure you’re reaching out to your designer timber furniture manufacturer for due guidance.